Raiarii Chin Ah You, AKA Ray, AKA Tahitian Fury, AKA the one and only… Elvis, is our man of many talents. His language range spans from English, French and Spanish, and proudly boasts degrees in Mathematics and Informatics from the University of French Polynesia. The Frenchman has over 8 years of yachting experience, and his love of engineering is second to his love of food. If you don’t find Ray in the engine room, you will have to search the galley where he may be inventing a new dish, spearfishing in the ocean (to supplement his high calorie intake) or diving the depths, where he is a certified rescue diver. Test this gifted engineer with any question about the boat you can think of and you’ll also find out about his incredible sense of humor, considered to be a very rare trait in the engineering world. His experiences have taken him through the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific as well as the United States, leaving behind a trail of smiles, friends and empty plates. Ray is also a talented photographer and videographer, so don’t be shy if you see him pointing the camera, he knows how to get your best side! Also feel free to enter into a breath hold competition with him at any point.