Chief Stewardess Tarryn White, from Cape Town, South Africa, holds the record for being the world’s tallest midget. Oozing energy and cheerfulness, she loves providing guests an unforgettable experience onboard which includes very high standard silver service, unique themed nights, exceptional parties that will be remembered for a lifetime, and everything in between. She prides herself on creating a fun filled environment in any setting, being formal or family orientated. Her signature drink is known on the streets as the “Bear Tranquilizer,” not for the faint hearted. With 8 years of yachting experience, she can cater to any occasion, always exceeding expectations. Her talent of making anyone laugh (not always with her witty jokes, sometimes with her infectious, uncaged laugh/cackle) makes her our secret weapon for creating an amazing bond with guests and crew that will guarantee guests never want to leave.